Las Vegas Networking Events

Lisa Richter

“Hello, my name is Lisa Richter. In 2017 I officially took the plunge as a business owner/entrepreneur. I would say for years prior I dipped my toe in but never really made the full commitment till I quit my 9-5 in 2017. My first venture as a business owner was personal training and flipping fitness equipment. I built my network around fitness and the health and wellness circuit, until 2020. In 2020, myself along with Blake Enders chose to return to finance and into the mortgage world. When we reenter the mortgage/financial world, it was quickly determined we had some work to do to build our network that made sense for our new business venture. After making a few business friends who were also looking to get out and network, we chose to make a Facebook group for roughly the 5 of us. This would allow us to post events we find and as a group go check them out. As we searched and found more events to post in our little group, our friends started to realize we were onto something and began inviting more people till we started getting people asking to join. We decided to open it up to everyone! We built a Facebook community for events, webinars, farmers markets, pop up events, mixers, lunch and learns, etc. Not only allowing people to find events but connect with one another. From there we built the website as we soon realized just HOW many events truly were out there! The goal of both the Facebook group and the website is to help the community connect and build their business through networking. To assist the shy and introverted people like myself to find a home in the networking world. It gave us an opportunity to give the Las Vegas community a tool to connect while also allowing us to meet some amazing people where we can continue to grow our mortgage business and help individuals buy and/or refinance their home. In my free time when I am not out networking or helping people with their home loans, you will see me spending a ton of time with our puppy Kona Bear. We love hiking and running (him more than me) and just spending time as a family. “