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Las Vegas NFT’s & Metaverse Entertainment Thursday Meetup

March 16 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

NFT’s in Film/Media, and the Metaverse will shape all areas/facets of our daily lives. Join us in Vegas Thursday Meetups

Las Vegas NFT Mastermind meetup presents Thursday Entertainment & Web3 Tech networking! Casual relaxed environment and everyone who wants gets 90 sec. to mention what they’re doing in the real/metaverse worlds! we get the “What do you do” out of the way everyone networks effectively!

Thanks to Corporate Coworking for hosting our meetup!

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Corporate America is changing…The new Corporate America is the 28yr old programmer who has a successful app and employs 2-3 people. It’s the group of 5 friends who started a not-for-profit, and who now raise millions of dollars annually to improve our world. It’s the digital nomads that want to get out of the house and spend a day 100% focused on their craft.

The new corporate America isn’t sitting “up on a hill”, away from the action. It’s right here, in the thick of it all, with its finger on the pulse, re-writing its own future…our future, your future.

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Expert Web3 Speakers present at our next meetup! Complete our Las Vegas Web3 Thursday Speaker Application!

You’ve heard the term “Metaverse”

Now people are saying that the metaverse is the new internet

Now get involved and learn everything you can

But where do you begin?

Las Vegas Entertainment Capital of the world

Fashion, Media, Celebrities, Influencers, Sports industry!

Metaverse Expert Speaker Panels IRL & Livestream Events!

Register today and lets us know if you need 90 seconds to introduce yourself to the group before the event!

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Hosted by created for CEO’s that need to promote and market their business to attract HNW investors and make business connections with professionals who want to socialize, join an active support group, build lifelong friendships and develop strong business connections.