Las Vegas Networking Events

As the group and website continue to grow, so do the events. There are months that we are finding roughly 130 events for Las Vegas and online. We know that there are events that get missed at times. There are a couple ways that we can ensure that we continue to see more events get added to this website!

The webpage is meant to be diverse. I want to see Networking events for in person and online, mixers, educational classes, farmers markets, fairs, anything that seems beneficial to all types of businesses and entrepreneurs. If you are not sure it belongs ask!

First Option: Are you hosting an event? There is a link in the upper right hand of the website “Post an Event” If you click and create a profile you can add your event to the website. I will get a notification to make the event go live and will create Facebook reminders to be pushed to the group!

Second Option: If it isn’t your event and you see it is missing PLEASE contact myself or Blake by sending us an email with the details of the event or if you just have a question about how to post the event on the website, we can walk you through it or help you out!

Thank you all for your continued support in helping grow and expand Las Vegas Networking Events!

Lisa Richter

Blake Enders

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